Install Drush and Drush Make install on Mac OS X Snow Leopard

  • Download the latest version of Drush and move the unacrchived folder, "drush," to your Applications folder (or any folder of your choice).
  • Open the Terminal application.
  • Open the "drush" folder and drag the file named "drush" into an active terminal window.
  • Make the drush file executable with this command.

chmod u+x path/to/drush

  • In the terminal go to your home directory and open '.profile' in the editor of your choice. The file is invisible so you will need a text editor that can open hidden files.
  • Add the path of the folder that contains the drush file to your PATH. Changing something like this:

export PATH=$PATH

to this:

export PATH=/Applications/drush:$PATH

  • Once you have Drush installed run the following command to install Drush Make:

drush dl drush_make