It only took several years

I've finally redesigned and relaunched CreativeBOX (everything isn't perfect yet - but if I waited until then this relaunch would never happen.) I can't even count how many years this has been delayed. A lot has changed since my last real updates to the site, the most significant being my graduation from college (woot!) and my job at OHO Interactive.

This site used to be my GUI playground back in the golden age of Mac interface customization (raise your hand if you can vividly remember MacPlaza, MacOSZone, GUI Junky, ResExcellence, IconFactory's PixelPalooza etc.) It was a fun time and was what partially inspired me to go into the design field. On CreativeBox I offered custom desktop pictures, startup screens, Kaleidoscope schemes, icons, and even software developed by my younger brother. I loved the GUI community so much that I even ran a site called MacCommunity for a while that reported on the releases of new GUI goodies. Yea, I was very much a Mac geek. As a matter of fact I still am but my priorities have changed.

I eventually got exhausted creating icons and desktop pictures but I never tired of running web sites. While trying to re-imagine CreativeBox I ran several web sites during college for student organizations. I just couldn't stay away from the marketing, analyzing web analytics, brainstorming, designing and development that was involved. There is a beautiful complexity in building and running a web site and with this, the new CrativeBox, I hope to share some of it.